Webinettes - Welcome to Lunch Bytes!

Lunch Bytes are webinettes or mini webinars lasting less than ten minutes, providing quick overviews of risk management topics and covering information vital to managing risk in your practice. We invite all of our members to have their practice staff view each of the following episodes below, and stay tuned for additional Lunch Byte episodes to be added in the near future!

  • Medical Record Release
    Every practice should have at least one person responsible for handling medical record requests. This person should understand how to protect the privacy of the patients’ records, under both state and federal law. Read More

    But what if you do not have a specific person who handles medical record release questions? Or what if that person is unavailable? What are the basics that every staff member should know when it comes to medical record release? Please watch this brief webinette for the answers to these and other questions.

  • Scope of Practice
    Scope of practice generally applies to licensed healthcare providers such as physicians or nurses. It identifies what actions healthcare providers can perform on or for a patient. Read More

    There can be serious consequences when practicing outside of your scope. Malpractice claims from these situations frequently result in harm to patients and can ultimately lead to lawsuits. The following webinette provides guidance on staying within scope, and how to reduce potential malpractice exposure related to going outside of it.

  • Managing Patient Complaints
    Managing patient complaints can be stressful and time-consuming. Having a process in place can make resolving these complaints a lot easier. Read More

    Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things do not go as planned and patients can become dissatisfied. What happens when you come face-to-face with dissatisfied patients? How should you respond? The answers to these questions are explored in the following webinette.

  • Electronic Communication
    There are several benefits to communicating via social media. For instance, it allows people to quickly share information with a specific audience and participate in "crowd sourced" learning. Read More

    However, along with these benefits, there is risk. These applications can be distracting and lead to innocent mistakes that may result in significant damages. These risks are almost always avoidable. Please watch this webinette in order to develop your strategy for incorporating electronic communication in your practice.

  • Emergency Management
    Does your practice have a written policy on managing emergencies in the office? Are all staff members trained in emergency management? Is your emergency cart stocked with the appropriate equipment? Have you practiced a mock code? Read More

    If you don’t know the answers to these questions, there may not be a written policy in place, or you may not be aware of your practice’s policy. It could be time to develop one, or to review and revise your current one. This webinette presents scenarios that will help guide you through the process of developing your practice’s emergency management policy.