Broad Regulatory Protection Coverage

Amid increasing state and federal regulations, managed care requirements, and professional reviews, physicians today have much more to worry about than just practicing medicine.

Our regulatory and compliance coverage offers reimbursement of defense costs, fines, and penalties up to $50K per insured (now with no deductible).

  • Allegations of improper disposal of medical waste materials
  • Allegations of OSHA violations
  • Allegations of ADA violations
  • Income tax audits (individual return only)
  • Meaningful use
  • Proceedings by the government alleging violations of EMTALA or Stark*
  • Disciplinary proceedings related to professional conduct/competency issues, including actions by any professional review body (hospital or managed care organization) or state licensing board*
  • Billing error proceedings (RAC,qui tam, commercial payor)*


*Additional coverage available up to $1 million in limits.