Exclusion List Monitoring

Keeping up with the federal and state “exclusion lists” can be a significant challenge. The HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) mandates that practices check all of their employees and providers against its List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) routinely, as well as before they enter into employment or contractual relationships with new individuals. Forty states and multiple other federal agencies have similar requirements. Non-compliance penalties can be crippling: fines up to $22,000 per claim, potential exclusion from government-funded health programs, and expensive legal investigations. Most health care attorneys recommend tracking the exclusion lists monthly.

To help our member practices, Medical Mutual is providing access to Venops, a federal and state exclusion list monitoring service—at no additional charge, as a benefit of your membership. Venops (www.venops.com) will track your providers, employees, and vendors against the relevant federal and state exclusion lists every month and send you a monthly report to help you stay compliant. Venops will also archive your monthly tracking reports on their web site.

For instructions on how to register for Venops and use it on an ongoing basis, click here.

For support, call 855-567-3552 or email memberservices@venops.com.

“I have been testing Venops in partnership with Medical Mutual over the last year. It takes what used to be a dreaded task and turns it into a quick, easy process. Because Venops sends me reminders, all I have to do is send them an updated file each time I’m prompted, and they do all the work for us—their response time is fantastic. Anything that makes our workload a little easier is greatly appreciated.”

Kellie Venable, Practice Administrator, Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad