Our leadership is focused on tapping into the skills and talents of our employees and developing a business strategy that continuously increases the value of your Medical Mutual membership. We harness the power of our people to develop solutions to complex issues, to leverage data and technology, and to drive continuous companywide improvements that will enable us to sustain and grow our business.


Board of Directors



Management Team

Dale Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Kay

Senior Vice President, Member Services

Stephanie Harris

Vice President, Information Technology

David Sousa

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Jason Newton

Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel

Joshua Kolling-Perin

Vice President, Corporate Communications

Jason Sandner

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Sawyer

Senior Vice President,
Corporate Administration

Stu Moore

Vice President, Claims

Scott Davison

Senior Vice President, Information Technology

John Scudella

Senior Vice President of Underwriting & Alternative Risk Programs

Sharon Musselman

Vice President, Underwriting

Nicholas Gaudiosi

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Nancy Albright

Vice President, Underwriting

Donna Nicholson

Vice President, Risk Management

Thomas Gaudiosi

Senior Vice President, Business Strategies

Gary Bossert

Vice President, Administration & Agency Operations