Billing FAQs

  1. Do I have to pay my entire premium at one time or can I pay in installments?
    Your account is automatically set up on a 10-month payment plan. This plan requires 25% down with the balance paid in equal installments over the next 9 months. On your statement, the "Total Due" represents the total balance to pay your premium in full, while the "Minimum Due" represents the amount that must be paid under the installment plan to ensure continued coverage.
  2. If I choose to make payments, will I be billed every month?
    A statement will be sent every month when there is a balance due on the account.
  3. Is there a finance charge or fee associated with having my account on a payment plan?
    We provide payment plans as a benefit to our members and do not charge any additional fees or finance charges.
  4. Is there a discount for paying my insurance premium in full?
    While we provide payment plans as a benefit to our members, the price of your coverage is the same whether you pay in full or in installments.
  5. Whom should I make my check payable to?
    Please make checks payable to MMIC Agency, LLC. Please include the top portion of your statement or your policy number with your payment.
  6. Where do I mail my payment?
    Payments should be mailed to:
    MMIC Agency, LLC
    P.O. Box 63252
    Charlotte, NC 28263-3252
  7. Can I pay my premium by credit card?
    We are currently unable to accept credit cards as a method of payment.
  8. I sent my payment, so why did I receive a "Past Due Notice"?
    Please allow 5-7 business days from the time of mailing for a payment to be credited to your account. In addition, please include the top portion of your statement or your policy number with your payment to ensure prompt crediting of your account. You may disregard the Past Due Notice if a payment of the minimum balance due has been made.
  9. Why has my premium changed?
    Your premium may have changed due to any number of circumstances, including additions, deletions, specialty changes, or changes to your limits. All changes will be detailed on your statement, but please feel free to contact the Underwriting Department at 800.872.7117 if you have any questions regarding changes to your policy.
  10. If I want to delete a provider, add a provider, or change my limits of liability, can I send the request for this change with my payment?
    You can add or delete a provider online through PHS (Policyholder Services). Any other change to your coverage should be made in writing and should be mailed to the attention of the Underwriting Department (or your particular underwriter, if known) at our Raleigh address:
    Medical Mutual Insurance Company
    P.O. Box 98028
    Raleigh, NC 27624
  11. Can you separate my premium by physician?
    Please see your policy declaration page for details of all coverages and their related premiums. If you need an additional copy of your declaration page or have any other questions regarding the specifics of your policy or coverages, please contact the Underwriting Department at 800.872.7117.
  12. Can I view my statements online?
    Yes, you can view your invoices within PHS (Policyholder Services). Accounts managed by outside agents will not be able to view their statements online.