Medical Mutual is proud to offer its insured physicians unlimited access to DynaMed Plus®—the most current, evidence-based clinical decision support tool—as a benefit of membership.

DynaMed Plus presents critically appraised evidence updated daily from more than 500 medical journals in a quick, easy-to-read format. It is accessible everywhere patient care is delivered, via mobile devices, remotely over the web, and through integration with all the major electronic health record providers. DynaMed Plus offers the following:


For the fast and flexible access to DynaMed Plus, click on the Sign Up For Remote Access link in the top right corner of the DynaMed Plus website and complete the short registration form. Detailed instructions on setting up a remote access account can also be found here.


Scientists and clinicians at DynaMed Plus work together to provide the most useful and relevant information about medical advancements, allowing physicians to deliver the best patient care. Learn more: Bridging the Gap: Accelerating Adoption of Clinical Research into Practice

The American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians partner with DynaMed Plus to bring real-time clinical information to their members. DynaMed Plus is used at 90% of university teaching hospitals, including all Ivy League teaching hospitals, Stanford University Medical Center, and Duke University Hospital.

The research firm KLAS recently awarded DynaMed Plus its "Best in KLAS" award in the Clinical Decision Support—Point of Care Clinical Reference category. In KLAS's 2016 CDS report, DynaMed Plus outscored all point-of-care reference competitors—including Wolters Kluwer's UpToDate—for both overall product quality and value.

Providers may earn several different types of CME credit for searches in DynaMed Plus.

Learn more about how to access and get the most out of DynaMed Plus in these short tutorial videos:


For support questions about the tool, please call 800.758.5995 or email and include Medical Mutual customer ID ns060053.